Dwarf Rangers

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Dwarf Rangers
Dwarf Rangers

Dwarf Rangers protect the routes and roads near their homes under the mountains. They act quickly and effectively carrying out deadly ambushes against their enemies.
A few of these Dwarves can kill an enemy far superior in numbers by a surprise attack with their crossbows. 

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua


This regiment box contains 110 PVC plastic pieces to assemble one 20-strong or two 10-strong Dwarf Rangers regiment with crossbow and great weapons. Contains the optional pieces to assemble one or two command groups (leader, standard bearer and musician).
Contains also 20 plastic 20mm square bases with a magnet bay for a 5mm round magnet.

Avatars of War miniatures are 28mm scale models designed for gamers & collectors. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some trimming and cleaning may be necessary before assembly and painting. Ages 12 and older.

      Tips & tricks for assembly


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